Essentially, it’s just a synopsis of the manga. A BLACK CLOVER BELT:
Asta and Yuno were left behind in the same church when they were both younger. All their lives, the two were inseparable, but they also had a healthy rivalry with one another. They swore a pledge of fealty to each other that one of them would become the magic king, thus their goal was clear. Turns out Yuno was a natural when it came to the arcane arts, whereas Asta was powerless in that department and had to rely on his physical prowess to get the job done.
After obtaining a mysterious grimoire with a four-leaf clover instead of the more normal three-leaf clover, Yuno is instantly thrust into a dangerous scenario, where her true power is exposed. In the end, he manages to get his hands on the anti-magic grimoire “Black Clover.” Friends and foes alike, the two start out on their journey with a common goal.

Yki Tabata is the creator of the Japanese manga series Black Clover (, Hepburn: Burakku Kurb). Serialized in Shueisha’s young adult manga magazine Weekly Shnen Jump from February 2015, the story is now in its third volume. As of the end of the month in November 2022, a total of 33 tankbon volumes collecting its episodes have been released. Asta, the main child, is a normal youngster who didn’t have any special powers from birth. Since it seems that everyone in his planet possesses some kind of magical power, this is a mystery to him and the people who live there. Asta, along with his other Black Bulls wizards, aspires to become the next Wizard King.

To begin with, in 2017, Xebec Zwei released an original video animation adaptation of the manga. Pierrot animated a program based on the manga that aired in Japan on TV Tokyo from October 2017 to March 2021. Animation film Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King is set to premiere in Japanese theaters and on Netflix in March 2023.

Crunchyroll has the rights to stream the anime on the website, while Viz Media is responsible for the English-language manga release in North America.

Asta, a young kid, is the series’ main character. He is an orphan who was left to grow up in an orphanage with another orphan called Yuno. Although everyone has the innate ability to channel mana into magical strength, Asta has to rely on her own physical abilities to achieve her goals since she has no access to magic. In contrast, Yuno was born with exceptional intelligence, a high talent for magic, and the capacity to master wind magic.

Due to a common goal of deposing the incumbent Wizard King and becoming King of Clover Kingdom themselves, the two young men became friendly rivals. One of the highest-ranking officials in the realm, the Wizard King is second only to the King. The legendary four-leaf grimoire, which formerly belonged to the kingdom’s first Wizard King, has found its way into Yuno’s hands. Even the most powerful magicians seldom get their hands on a copy of the four-leaf grimoire since it is so rare. Asta was able to obtain a mysterious five-leaf grimoire despite his lack of magical talent. There are rumors that a pair of rare elven swords and a bodyless Devil using rare anti-magic are included in this grimoire. As a result, he and Yuno take the first step toward their objectives by enrolling in different Magic Knight units.

As for Asta and Noelle Silva, they’re part of the Black Bulls, while Yuno has joined the Golden Dawn. As the Black Bulls’ leader, Yami Sukehiro is a formidable figure. Along with their many adventures, they must contend with the extremist Eye of the Midnight Sun, whose leadership is being controlled by a Devil to wreak vengeance on the Elves for an injustice perpetrated against them by the Clover Kingdom at the time it was founded. The Magic Knights then face off against the Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad, where Asta and Yuno learn about the influence their Devils have had on their lives and how the Dark Triad plans to fully materialize the Devils into their world.

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